Welcome to ALIV. This webpage will explain everything you need to know about ALIV: what we do and how to volunteer with us.

The main objective of the Australian League of Immigration Volunteers (ALIV) is to improve the lives of children and families with Bridging Visas and those living in Community Detention.

ALIV programs provide essential recreational and developmental opportunities for children, families and adults which ease loneliness and isolation and improve physical and mental health. ALIV aims to increase the number of smiles on the faces of children and adults by promoting fun, laughter and relaxation. We are committed to empowering individuals and families and building more cohesive, tolerant communities.

ALIV Kids and Family Programs facilitated in the community are administered by volunteers who organise activities including Excursions, Camps, Youth Programs and general support.

ALIV is non-religious and non-political. We believe in working with everyone to do what is needed to be done, including the Australian Government. We are not interested in being antagonistic to other organizations, the Government or anyone else. We do understand the media plays a very important role in the community but unfortunately there isnt any antagonistic information in this organization or website.

Below is an example of one of the programs we run.